(New date) Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind

We are honored to host a special event for the newly released book Psychedelic Experience: Revealing the Mind by Dr. Aidan Lyon, head of Research at APRA. Aidan will present his book and take us on a journey through the research he has conducted and synthesized over the past few years, regarding novel philosophical perspectives on the psychedelic experience. In his book, Aidan discusses key commonalities and differences between psychedelics and meditative practices, examines the hypothesis that psychedelics reveal the mind and provides a noval analysis of mindfulness and its connection to psychedelic experience. The book argues that mystical experiences are ineffable and that appreciating this point is key to understanding them, while paving the road for a new way of doing philosophy that is grounded in psychedelic methods.


Speaker bio
Dr. Aidan Lyon is a philosopher at the University of Amsterdam and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. He completed his Ph.D. in philosophy in 2009 at the Australian National University and has bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and philosophy from the University of Queensland. His academic research is at the intersection of psychology and philosophy and focuses on wisdom, uncertainty, and collective decision making. He has published research articles in many top journals in philosophy. Alongside his academic work, Aidan has operated as a risk management and decision making consultant for over ten years. He has worked on projects across a wide range of domains, including biosecurity intelligence, geopolitical forecasting, institutional investing, and environmental decision making. Aidan is the head of Research at APRA.


University of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland Campus – Room A2.08.


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July 4, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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University of Amsterdam
Roetersstraat 11, Amsterdam

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This event is fully booked.