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Journal Club #22 - Psychedelics and Consciousness

4/5/2022, online

by Raphaël Millière

1 min

The following Journal Club involves Raphaël Millière who will present his article 'The multi-dimensional approach to drug-induced states: A commentary on Bayne and Carter’s “dimensions of consciousness and the psychedelic state”

Bayne and Carter argue that the mode of consciousness induced by psychedelic drugs does not fit squarely within the traditional account of modes as levels of consciousness, and favors instead a multi-dimensional account according to which modes of consciousness differ along several dimensions—none of which warrants a linear ordering of modes. We discuss the assumption that psychedelic drugs induce a single or paradigmatic mode of consciousness, as well as conceptual issues related to Bayne and Carter’s main argument against the traditional account. Finally, we raise a set of questions about the individuation of dimensions selected to differentiate modes of consciousness that could be addressed in future discussions of the multi-dimensional account.

Full article available here:[…]%27s_dimensions_of_consciousness_and_the_psychedelic_state

Raphaël Millière is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Oxford. His philosophical interests lie mainly within the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of cognitive science. In his doctoral thesis and in recent publications, he investigates the notion of self-consciousness in light of empirical evidence from conditions in which different forms of self-consciousness are disrupted (including drug-induced states).

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