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Special Event

Mystical and Other Alterations of Sense of Self

by Ann Taves

1 min

We have an exciting treat for you!

For this APRA special event, we have invited a professor of Religious Studies and expert in the study of extraordinary experiences: Dr. Ann Taves.

When: March 2nd at 7.30 pm (CET)

In a discussion hosted and moderated by APRA associate James Sanders, we will talk about the issues raised in Dr. Taves' paper "Mystical and Other Alterations of Sense of Self: An Expanded Framework for Studying Nonordinary Experiences" (2020). This article critically summarizes the literature surrounding nonordinary experiences, in particular mystical experiences, points out conceptual and methodological issues, and proposes a framework to study these states in a more structured way.

For this special event, we invite all APRA members to send us their questions as those will build the core of our discussion. This means that rather than presenting the article itself, this event will be structured as a Q&A. For this, make sure to check out the article (link below) in advance and message us via our social media channels.

You can find the zoom link for this event in our members' area @ and in our newsletter!

This is a free event for APRA members.
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