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Journal Club #6 - Seyed Sahand: "Network based modeling of stress-reduction in different types of therapy"

26/10/18, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


1 min

This Journal Club will be lead by PhD candidate and APRA member Seyed Sahand, who will discuss his own research on the topic of stress therapy and network-based modeling
The meeting point is as usual the main hall of the VU main building, 7PM on Friday October 26th. This event is free for members, while a small donation is required for non members.
Network-based modeling of stress reduction in different types of therapy

Do you make bad decisions when you have extreme emotions or acute stress?
If so, why are you doing that? Is there a purpose for this disruptive effect of acute stress?
Indeed, current research suggests there is a purpose for this disruptive effect:
• Acute stress indicates that the old patterns for decision making do not apply anymore
• Therefore new patterns have to be developed as soon as possible
• This goes faster when you first get rid of the old patterns: "disconnect"
• Then new patterns are learnt faster: "reconnect"
There are many therapies to decrease the stress level of individuals including mindfulness (based on autogenic training, music therapy, humor therapy, …) and also many drugs such as proparanol, Flouxetine, … .
In Network-Oriented modeling (Behavioral Dynamics), addressing complexity of cognitive, affective interactions we try to model human body behaviors. In this Journal club we will concentrate on acute stress and how human’s brain will respond to both stress and therapies.