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Naughty Plants: Lecture by Dr. Arno Hazekamp

20/6/18, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


1 min

On June 20th, 6PM, the last APRA lecture of this academic year! Entrance is free, donations are always appreciated. Meetup as usual in the Vrije Universiteit main building main hall.

We welcome Dr. Arno Hazekamp, biochemist & cannabis researcher (

Naughty plants: medicinal cannabis as a model plant for research into psychotropic plants as medicine

Throughout human history, psychotropic plants have been used as narcotic drugs. When such plants are illegal or taboo, we usually do not ask detailed questions about the personal reasons why consumers use them. Instead, we simply assume they want to be intoxicated. It is therefore possible that psychotropic plants are in fact used medicinally by some users, without researchers being aware of that. The example of opium shows that this attitude may not always be right. The opium poppy has given us important and powerful analgesics, as we learned to separate the medicinal and recreational uses of the plant. Cannabis is a more recent example of a narcotic plant that, in just 20 year time, has made the transition from simply being a drug problem, to becoming an accepted source of much needed medications. An interesting question is therefore how many other psychotropic plants may have hidden medicinal properties. In this presentation we will use the story of medicinal cannabis to explore this idea further, from plant cultivation to clinical trials.