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Art & Drugs: Lecture by Prof. Jos ten Berge

14/5/2018, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


1 min

An interesting lecture for APRA by Dr. J.P. ten Berge, assistant professor in Art History at the VU. The lecture will take place in the VU Main Building, room 12A-33, on May 14th at 6PM.

On the basis of his own PhD research, Prof. ten Berge will discuss what art has to do with drugs. Many drugs have a reputation for stimulating creativity, but when put to the test of science, the results have been amazingly contradictory. Despite dozens of guinea pigs in experimental ‘before-and-after’-set-ups, some researchers concluded that drugs were nothing but detrimental to art, while others claimed the exact opposite. Whence these differences?

The lecture will be open to everyone (bring your friends!) and free of charge, but donations are of course always appreciated.

Painting by Fred Tomaselli. All rights reserved to the original author.